ICA Handla IOS & Android App

The Challenge:

Simplify the everyday shopping experience. ICA is acting in a occupied category, where it’s crucial to increase loyalty in every channel there is. For the mobile application they wanted to create a great customer experience to simplify the everyday shopping experience. Read more of its features in the swedish newspaper Resume

Visual designer - Nicolas Moyano

User experience - Petter Silfver

Creative Direction - Mattias Cederfeldt

ICA Handla App

The Solution:

One of the great innovations of the app, is the new system of digital coupons. This makes it possible to load offers directly to the ICA Card in realtime via the QR-reader in the app. Unlike other digital coupons on the market, this means that customers do not have to show their phone at checkout, it’s enough to draw the ICA card. Another feature that we are quite proud of is that the shopping list in the app is in sync with how the groceries show up in the store.

ICA Handla Coupon System
  • Choose among thousands of recipes and save your favourite ones
  • Shake your phone for random dinner proposals
  • Write and share your shopping list
  • Find your nearest Ica store
  • Keep track on the balance of your Ica-card
  • All offers, national, local and personal in one place
  • Search agents for pharmacys, Svenska Spel, ATG, Posten, Systembolaget and even ATM’s.
  • Scan for offers with the built–in QR reader

Air cooking - Finally on iPad

In February 2014 we released an iPad version that has all of the appreciated features from the ICA Handla iPhone. But this time around we put extra effort into the cooking experience. On the iPad you can see your ingredient list and the instructions steps in the same view.

The ingredient list also automatically scrolls as you advance. When you are cooking by a recipe you can switch to handsfree mode and use air gestures to navigate the app. Very convenient when you have your hands covered in different ingredients.

Air cooking on iPad

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